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Pet business card exchange
and age management
for dogs and cats.

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What can Dog Age 2 do?

Dog Age2 is a web app for electronic business card exchange and age management for dogs and cats.
It was created by merging iPetcards, a web service for creating electronic business cards for pets using PassBook, which was in operation until 2018, and Dog Age, a pet age management smartphone app that was also available until that year.

iPetcards and Dog Age → Dog Age2

What is age management?

It is hard to tell the age of a dog or cat from its appearance, isn't it? By entering the date of birth, it is possible to display the age of the animal, as well as the human-age being. The human-age is calculated more precisely using a unique calculation method based on the growth curve to adulthood and the average life span of each breed of dog (cat).

dog age or cat age → human age

What is an electronic business card for pets?

It is an electronic version of a business card for pets, and since it has a function to create and hold an card, cards can be exchanged only with a smartphone.
Unlike paper business cards, the cards can be handed out free of charge without limit, and the contents can be rewritten even after handing them over, so you can keep them informed of what's going on and link them to Social Media (Instagram, Twitter and YouTube).

an electronic business card for pets

How do I distribute them?

You can distribute your cards by tapping the QR on the back of your card and giving them the URL ( number)/) that is copied when you tap the QR.
Specifically, the following methods are possible.

  • Display the card on your phone and have it read the QR code that appears on the back.
  • Stick a sticker with a QR code printed on it on your pet's lost dog tag or kennel and have it read.
  • Print a QR code on a paper pet business card and hand it in.
  • Send the URL of the QR code by e-mail.
  • Hold up an NFC tag with a URL written on it and pass it on.
electronic business card exchange